What is The Word Bible Study?

The Word Bible Study represents a structure through which people can meet together to learn more about spiritual things.

The Word Bible Study features different study programs which give people the opportunity to come together to both learn more about one another and to learn more about God.

Why The Word Bible Study?

We have chosen the concept of The Word Bible Study as a way to encourage people to come together to study the Bible in a way that makes them feel more comfortable doing so.

We have chosen the name The Word because of its dual reference: it speaks toward the written Word of God, the Bible and its message, inspired of God to equip people for every good work (2 Timothy 3:15-17). Meanwhile, it also speaks toward the Incarnate Word, Jesus of Nazareth, who is our Lord and Guide (John 1:1, 14). We hope to encourage everyone to learn more about The Word, both written and Incarnate, through Bible studies.

Who is behind The Word Bible Study?

ethanrajaThe “owner” and author of The Word Bible Study is Ethan Longhenry, currently serving as the evangelist for the Venice church of Christ in Los Angeles, California. More can be learned about Ethan through his website.

Raja Sandor has provided invaluable design assistance and insight throughout the process of developing The Word Bible Study.

The Word Bible Study is not part of any denomination and represents an individual effort to promote the Gospel of Christ. We do not subscribe to any creed and have no desire to coerce or compel people in any way. We simply desire to open up opportunities to sit down with our fellow man to study the Bible so that we can understand the text better and thus put its message into better practice in our lives.

What is the relationship among The Word Bible Study, The Word Online Bible Courses, and The Word Bible Correspondence Courses?

The Word Bible Study, The Word Online Bible Courses, and The Word Bible Correspondence Courses are all individual works of Ethan Longhenry, attempting to promote a better understanding of the written and Incarnate Word through different formats. Much of the substance will likely be the same among the three programs. The Bible Correspondence Courses are designed for people who wish to learn through Bible lessons sent through the U.S. Mail; the Online Bible Courses are designed for people who wish to learn through guided independent study on the Internet. The Bible Study is an attempt to encourage the same material but in a real life environment that allows for people to learn more about each other and to develop real life relationships while learning more about the Word.


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